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Mironovsky A. N., Mavrin A. S., Kozhara A. V., Slyn'ko Yu. V.
Salinity Factor in the Microevolution of Fishes and Redistribution of Age Groups of Altai Osman Oreoleuciscus potanini (Cyprinidae) in Ayrag and Khyargas Lakes, Mongolia // Russian Journal of Ecology. 2019. Vol. 50, iss. 3. P. 307-309. DOI: 10.1134/S106741361903010X Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.294 WoS Q4/0.439 Гос. задание
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Miroshnichenko O. N., Mirzoeva N. Yu., Sidorov I. G., Gulin S. B.
Cesium-137 in Crimean Salt Waters // Water Resources. 2019. Vol. 46, no. 3. P. 422-426. DOI: 10.1134/S0097807819030151 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.335 WoS Q4/0.395 Гос. задание
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Nevrova E. L., Petrov A. N.
Benthic diatoms species richness at Dvuyakornaya Bay and other coastal sites of Crimea (the Black Sea) under various environments // Mediterranean Marine Science. 2019. Vol. 20, no. 3. P. 506-520. DOI: 10.12681/mms.20319 SCOPUS Q1/0.901 WoS Q2/2.071 Гос. задание
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Nevrova E. L., Petrov A. N.
Assessment of benthic diatoms taxonomic diversity at coastal biotopes with different anthropogenic impact (Crimea, the Black Sea) // Turkish Journal of Botany. 2019. Vol. 43, no. 5. P. 608-618. DOI: 10.3906/bot-1903-43 SCOPUS Q2/0.486 WoS Q3/1.087 Гос. задание
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Niemiec M., Komorowska M., Szeląg-Sikora A., Sikora J., Kuzminova N.
Content of Ba, B, Sr and As in water and fish larvae of the genus Atherinidae L. sampled in three bays in the Sevastopol coastal area // Journal of Elementology. 2018. Vol. 23, iss. 3. P. 1009-1020. DOI: 10.5601/jelem.2018.23.1.1456 SCOPUS Q3/0.282 WoS Q4/0.684 Гос. задание
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Orekhova N. A., Ovsyany E. I., Gurov K. I., Popov M. A.
Organic Matter and Grain-Size Distribution of the Modern Bottom Sediments in the Balaklava Bay (the Black Sea) // Physical Oceanography. 2018. Vol. 25, iss. 6. P. 479-488. DOI: 10.22449/1573-160X-2018-6-479-488 Перевод WoS / Гос. задание
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Oren A., Deng T., Shadrin N. V., Zheng M., Zadereev E. S.
Preface: Value and dynamics of salt lakes in a changing world // Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. 2018. Vol. 36, iss. 6. P. 1901-1906. DOI: 10.1007/s00343-018-8301-4 SCOPUS Q3/0.252 WoS Q4/0.717 Гос. задание
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Orlov Yu. L., Baranova A. V., Kolchanov N. A., Moroz L. L.
Evolutionary biology and biodiversity research at BGRS-2018 // BMC Evolutionary Biology. 2019. Vol. 19, suppl. 1. Article 43 (3 p.). DOI: 10.1186/s12862-019-1368-5 SCOPUS Q1/1.656 WoS Q2/3.027
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Orlov Yu. L., Kochetov A. V., Li G., Kolchanov N. A.
Genomics research at Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure\ Systems Biology (BGRS\SB) conferences in Novosibirsk // BMC Genomics. 2019. Vol. 20, suppl. 3. Article 322 (5 p.). DOI: 10.1186/s12864-019-5707-0 SCOPUS Q1/2.110 WoS Q2/3.730
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Pankeeva T. V., Mironova N. V.
Spatiotemporal Changes in the Macrophytobenthos of Laspi Bay (Crimea, Black Sea) // Oceanology. 2019. Vol. 59, iss. 1. P. 86-98. DOI: 10.1134/S0001437019010168 Перевод РИНЦ SCOPUS Q3/0.371 WoS Q4/0.597 Гос. задание
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Paterno M., Bat L., Souissi J. B., Boscari E., Chassanite A., Congiu L., Guarnieri G., Kruschel C., Mačći V., Marino I. A. M., Micu D., Milchakova N., Panayotova M., Papetti C., Planes S., Strungaru S., Todorova V. R., Voutsinas E., Zane L.
A Genome-Wide Approach to the Phylogeography of the Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis in the Adriatic and the Black Seas // Frontiers in Marine Science. 2019. Vol. 6. Article no. 566. (16 p.). DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00566 SCOPUS Q1/1.367 WoS Q1/3.086
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Pirkova A. V., Ladygina L. V.
Embryonic and Larval Intracapsular Development of the Rapa Whelk Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846) (Gastropoda, Muricidae) // Russian Journal of Biological Invasions. 2019. Vol. 10, iss. 1. P. 39-47. DOI: 10.1134/S2075111719010120 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.287 WoS / Гос. задание
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Prazukin A. V., Anufriieva E. V., Shadrin N. V.
Cladophora mats in a Crimean hypersaline lake: structure, dynamics, and inhabiting animals // Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. 2018. Vol. 36, iss. 6. P. 1930-1940. DOI: 10.1007/s00343-018-7313-4 SCOPUS Q3/0.301 WoS Q4/0.717 Гос. задание
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Puzakov M. V., Puzakova L. V.
leidyi Is a New Group of DD41D Transposons in Mnemiopsis leidyi Genome // Russian Journal of Genetics. 2019. Vol. 55, iss. 7. P. 825-837. DOI: 10.1134/S1022795419070123 Перевод SCOPUS Q4/0.224 WoS Q4/0.559 Гос. задание
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Puzakova L. V., Puzakov M. V., Soldatov A. A.
Gene Encoding a Novel Enzyme of LDH2/MDH2 Family is Lost in Plant and Animal Genomes During Transition to Land // Journal of Molecular Evolution. 2019. Vol. 87, iss. 1. P. 52-59. DOI: 10.1007/s00239-018-9884-2 SCOPUS Q2/0.911 WoS Q3/1.957 Гос. задание
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Ryabushko L. I., Lishaev D. N., Kovrigina N. P.
Species Diversity of Epilithon Diatoms and the Quality of the Waters of the Donuzlav Gulf Ecosystem (Crimea, the Black Sea) // Diversity. 2019. Vol. 11, iss. 7. Article no. 114 (12 p.). DOI: 10.3390/d11070114 SCOPUS Q1/0.603 WoS Q3/2.047 Гос. задание
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Seregin S. A., Popova E. V.
Different-Scale Variations in the Abundance and Species Diversity of Metazoan Microzooplankton in the Coastal Zone of the Black Sea // Water Resources. 2019. Vol. 46, iss. 5. P. 769-779. DOI: 10.1134/S009780781905018X Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.335 WoS Q4/0.638 Гос. задание Гос. задание
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Sergeeva N. G., Shadrin N. V., Anufriieva E. V.
Long-term changes (1979–2015) in the nematode fauna in Sivash Bay (Sea of Azov), Russia, worldwide the largest hypersaline lagoon, during salinity transformations // Nematology. 2019. Vol. 21, iss. 4. P. 337-347. DOI: 10.1163/15685411-00003217 SCOPUS Q2/0.589 WoS Q2/1.120 Гос. задание
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Shadrin N. V.
The alternative saline lake ecosystem states and adaptive environmental management // Journal of Oceanology and Limnology. 2018. Vol. 36, iss. 6. P. 2010-2017. DOI: 10.1007/s00343-018-7307-2 SCOPUS Q3/0.301 WoS Q4/0.717 Гос. задание
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Shadrin N. V., Belyakov V. P., Bazhora A. I., Anufriieva E. V.
The role of salinity as an environmental filtering factor in the determination of the Diptera taxonomic composition in the Crimean waters // Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems. 2019. No. 420. Article no. 3 (7 p.). DOI: 10.1051/kmae/2018041 SCOPUS Q2/0.667 WoS Q3/1.525 Гос. задание
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