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Chatterjee T., Nanajkar M., Dovgal I.
New record of Loricophyra stresemanni (Ciliophora: Suctorea) as epibiont on nematodes from the Indian Ocean and notes on the genus Loricophrya // Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 2019. Vol. 60, no. 3. P. 283-288. DOI: 10.21411/CBM.A.9C4BB1B2 SCOPUS Q3/0.293 WoS Q4/0.525 Гос. задание
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Chatterjee T., Nanajkar M., Dovgal I., Sergeeva N., Bhave S.
New records of epibiont Thecacineta calix (Ciliophora: Suctorea) from the Caspian Sea and Angriya Bank, Arabian Sea // Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 2019. Vol. 60, no. 5. P. 445-451. DOI: 10.21411/CBM.A.C75BCBEA SCOPUS Q4/0.269 WoS Q4/0.456 Гос. задание
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Chelebieva E. S., Dantsyuk N. V., Chekanov K. A., Chubchikova I. N., Drobetskaya I. V., Minyuk G. S., Lobakova E. S., Solovchenko A. E.
Identification and Morphological-Physiological Characterization of Astaxanthin Producer Strains of Haematococcus pluvialis from the Black Sea Region // Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology. 2018. Vol. 54, iss. 6. P. 639-648. DOI: 10.1134/S0003683818060078 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.210 WoS Q4/0.707 Гос. задание
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Chelyadina N. S., Pospelova N. V., Popov M. A.
Сomparative Characteristics of Indices to Assess the Quality of Mussel Production by an Example of Cultivated Mytilus galloprovincialis (Сrimea, the Вlack Sea) // Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 2019. Vol. 19, no. 9. P. 719-726. DOI: 10.4194/1303-2712-v19_9_01 SCOPUS Q4/0.277 WoS Q4/0.482 Гос. задание
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Chelyadina N. S., Smirnova L. L.
Variation in Copper Content in the Cultivated Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam. // Inland Water Biology. 2019. Vol. 12, iss. 3. P. 365-369. DOI: 10.1134/S1995082919030040 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.333 WoS Q4/0.471 Гос. задание
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Chesalin M. V., Al-Shajibi S. R.
Some Biological Features of Bluefish, Pomatomus Saltatrix L. Along the Dhofar Coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea // World Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development. 2019. Vol. 1. Article no 1002 (5 p.). http://www.medtextpublications.com/open-access/some-biological-features-of-bluefish-pomatomus-saltatrix-l-along-the-dhofar-coast-of-oman-in-the-arabian-sea-72.pdf Гос. задание
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Churilova T., Suslin V., Sosik H. M., Efimova T., Moiseeva N., Moncheva S., Mukhanov V., Rylkova O., Krivenko O.
Phytoplankton light absorption in the deep chlorophyll maximum layer of the Black Sea // European Journal of Remote Sensing. 2019. Vol. 52, suppl. 1. P. 123-136. DOI: 10.1080/22797254.2018.1533389 SCOPUS Q2/0.577 WoS Q4/1.122 Гос. задание
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Drapun I. E., Khanaychenko A. N.
Morphology of the Nauplii and Duration of Naupliar Development of the Black Sea Alien Species Oithona davisae Ferrari and Orsi, 1984 (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) in Laboratory Culture // Russian Journal of Biological Invasions. 2019. Vol 10, iss. 1. P. 12-21. DOI: 10.1134/S2075111719010053 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.287 WoS / Гос. задание
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Durucan F., Artüz M. L., Dovgal I. V.
The first record of Paracineta irregularis (Ciliophora, Suctorea) as epibiont on Rhombognathus halacarid mite (Acari, Halacaridae) from the Sea of Marmara, Turkey // Protistology. 2019. Vol. 13, no. 2. P. 67-70. DOI: 10.21685/1680-0826-2019-13-2-4 РИНЦ 0.649 SCOPUS / Гос. задание
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Ergina E. I., Gorbunov R. V., Stashkina E. F.
Maximum Humus Horizon Thickness as a Criterion for Identifying Standard Soils in the Crimean Plain // Russian Agricultural Sciences. 2019. Vol. 45, iss. 5. P. 453-457. DOI: 10.3103/S1068367419050057 Перевод
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Evstigneeva I. K., Tankovskaya I. N.
Structure and Dynamics of Macrophyte Fouling of a Hydraulic Structure (Black Sea) // Power Technology and Engineering. 2019. Vol. 53, iss. 1. P. 14-22. DOI: 10.1007/s10749-019-01027-7 Перевод SCOPUS Q4/0.162 Гос. задание
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Finenko G. A., Anninsky B. E., Datzyk N. A.
Trophic Characteristics of Mnemiopsis leidyi and Its Impact on the Plankton Community in Black Sea Coastal Waters // Oceanology. 2018. Vol. 58, iss. 6. P. 817-824. DOI: 10.1134/S0001437018060048 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.371 WoS Q4/0.597 Гос. задание
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Finenko Z. Z., Kovalyova I. V., Suslin V. V.
Use of Satellite Data for the Estimation of the Specific Growth Rate of Phytoplankton in the Surface Layer of the Black Sea // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 2019. Vol. 45, iss. 4. P. 313-319. DOI: 10.1134/S1063074019040059 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.253 WoS Q4/0.493 Гос. задание Гос. задание
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Gostyukhina O. L., Andreenko T. I.
Tissue Metabolism and the State of the Antioxidant Complex in the Black Sea Mollusks Anadara kagoshimensis (Tokunaga, 1906) and Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819 with Different Tolerances to Oxidative Stress // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 2019. Vol. 45, iss. 3. P. 211-220. DOI: 10.1134/S1063074019030039 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.253 WoS Q4/0.493 Гос. задание
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Gulin S. B., Proskurnin V. Yu., Sidorov I. G.
Recent multi-tracer dating of the Black Sea sediments: Recovery of the late post-Chernobyl trends of radioactive contamination // Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. 2019. Vol. 203. P. 154-162. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2019.03.016 SCOPUS Q1/0.989 WoS Q2/2.263 Гос. задание
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Gulin S. B., Sidorov I. G., Popovichev V. N.
The Seasonal Dynamics of Biosedimentation and Primary Production in Sevastopol Bay: Assessment of the Relationship Using 234Th and 40K // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 2019. Vol. 45, iss. 3. P. 185-190. DOI: 10.1134/S1063074019030040 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.253 WoS Q4/0.493 Гос. задание
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Kapranov S. V., Kouzaev G. A.
Study of microwave heating of reference liquids in a coaxial waveguide reactor using the experimental, semi-analytical and numerical means // International Journal of Thermal Sciences. 2019. Vol. 140. P. 505-520. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2019.03.023 SCOPUS Q1/1.429 WoS Q1/3.361 Гос. задание
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Khanaychenko A. N., Telesh I. V., Skarlato S. O.
Bloom-forming potentially toxic dinoflagellates Prorocentrum cordatum in marine plankton food webs // Protistology. 2019. Vol. 13, no. 3. P. 95-125. DOI: 10.21685/1680-0826-2019-13-3-1 РИНЦ 0.545 SCOPUS Q4/0.141 ВАК Гос. задание
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Kolesnikova E. E.
Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Respiratory Activity in Cyclostomes and Fish during Aquatic Breathing // Journal of Evolutionary Biochemistry and Physiology. 2019. Vol. 55, iss. 2. P. 85-96. DOI: 10.1134/S0022093019020017 Перевод WoS Q4/0.455 Гос. задание
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Kolesnikova E. E.
Hydrogen Sulfide in the Physiological Processes of Jawless Cyclostomes and Jawed Fishes // Russian Journal of Marine Biology. 2019. Vol. 45, iss. 3. P. 163-173. DOI: 10.1134/S1063074019030076 Перевод SCOPUS Q3/0.253 WoS Q4/0.493 Гос. задание
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